We put Sutton to bed about an hour ago and then heard noise coming from her room. We turned on her baby monitor and found her praying! Wish we could have gotten the whole thing recorded. You've got to watch this! So sweet!!!

Posted by Kathryn Whitt on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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An adorable toddler was caught on camera counting her blessings at bedtime.

Little Sutton's parents shared the moment they turned on the baby monitor to find the two-year-old praying in her crib.

Sutton runs through a list thanking all of the people in her life, including Santa Claus.

She ends the sweet little prayer with a precious "Amen!"

The South Carolina family joined Fox and Friends this morning. Caleb Whitt said they were trying to get Sutton to bed a little earlier so they could watch the NFC championship game.

"So we kind of rushed through the bedtime ritual, but she apparently didn't forget. She jumped right in there and filled in."

Watch the interview below.

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