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'Radical, Totalitarian Loons': O'Reilly Bashes Anti-Trump Group

Ted Cruz joined Bill O'Reilly tonight and doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump's "New York values."

Cruz said, first of all, that the term came from Trump, himself, when he did an interview with Tim Russert years ago. He added that people across the country know exactly what it means.

"If you want to look at what New York values are, you can look at positions that are current," Cruz said, pointing to Trump's support of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, eminent domain, President Obama's big bank bailout and the Obama stimulus package.

He added that Trump - like Democratic contender Bernie Sanders - favors socialized medicine.

"He believes the government should take over health care even more than ObamaCare," Cruz said. "I led the fight against ObamaCare, and as president, would repeal every word of it."

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