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When Bridget Stevens’ furnace went out on the coldest night of the year, she prepared to fork over about $150 for a repairman.

But when Paul Betlyn showed up at her Pittsburgh home, he learned that Stevens is a military wife, whose husband is in the Army.

Betlyn handed her a bill of just $1, calling it a “deployment discount” for her family and their service.

He refused to actually take any of her money.

News of the touching tribute spread quickly online, and this morning, Betlyn and Stevens joined Fox and Friends to discuss what it means to them.

“When she told me that her husband was going to be deployed for a year, and he’s gonna miss the kids’ birthdays and Christmases, I knew I wasn’t going to charge her for the call,” said Betlyn.

Hearing those words made him choke up a little bit, “so instead of telling her that, I had to write it on the slip," he explained.

Stevens said she was blown away by his kind gesture.

Betlyn said that being a repairman allows him to “give back a little bit.”

But after seeing the positive reaction to his good deed, he is also asking the public to make their contributions, via a GoFundMe campaign started to help military families visit their loved ones stationed overseas.

“I’m not a hero here,” Betlyn said. “The men and women who are serving in our military at home and abroad, they’re the heroes.”

Catch the full interview, above.

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