Police Catch Man Reading Novel Behind the Wheel

WATCH: Police Officer Shot at Point-Blank Range, Still Issues Ticket

Shocking dashcam video out of Ohio reveals the moment a semi-trailer slammed straight into a sheriff’s deputy.

Footage released by the Preble County Sheriff’s Department and shown on Fox and Friends this morning shows people fleeing in fear as the truck careens off the road.

Authorities say that Capt. Brad Moore had been directing traffic around another car accident when the semi attempted to cross railroad tracks nearby.

That truck got stuck in the railroad crossing arms and was hit by an oncoming train, sending it right into the deputy, WHIO-TV reports.

The Ohio Highway Patrol is investigating whether anyone should be cited for the crash.

Amazingly, Capt. Moore only suffered minor injuries, and hopes to go back to work as soon as next week.

Watch the dramatic scene, above.

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