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Michael Moore appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to discuss a wide variety of topics with Megyn Kelly, including where he thinks the Obama administration has come up short.

Moore said that he voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and he truly bought into the message of "hope and change."

Years into the Obama administration, however, Moore became somewhat disenchanted and said that Obama would only be remembered as being the first black president.

Moore said that Obama's election was an important step in our country's history, but he had hoped the president would accomplish more before his time in office ends.

He explained that he wished Obama pushed through a single payer health care system, as opposed to ObamaCare, when the Democrats had both the House and the Senate.

Moore added that he also wanted to see Guantanamo Bay closed, something Obama has been unable to do.

"He exists in that office to serve the people of this country, including both the people who voted for him and didn't vote for him."

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