Trump Rips Cruz for Undisclosed Loans: 'Probably Illegal,' 'Certainly Wrong'

Trump: 'I Would Certainly Think About' Appointing Palin to Cabinet

Two days before the Fox News-Google GOP debate, Bret Baier and Donald Trump went one-on-one on "Special Report" tonight.

The GOP presidential front-runner explained that he wants to rebuild the Republican Party.

"Right now, the Republican Party is a total mess, just like our country is a mess," Trump said.

He explained that he's a great negotiator and deal-maker, so he can get the country back on track without using executive orders like President Obama.

"I feel very strongly about our Constitution," Trump said. "I’m proud of it, I love it and I want to go through the Constitution."

Watch more above and don't miss the Fox News-Google Republican debates, presented live on Thursday, January 28 on Fox News Channel.

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