Hillary Claims She's Not an Establishment Candidate

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A South Carolina Democrat who previously endorsed Hillary Clinton for the White House has decided to switch sides in the race, now throwing his support behind political rival Bernie Sanders.

Here's what State Rep. Justin Bamberg had to say:

“After continuously following the presidential race, and paying closer attention to those things which Senator Sanders has to offer the people of this great country, I came to the conclusion that his approach to the presidency is one that will have the greatest positive impact on the constituents I serve, my own family, the state of South Carolina, and our country as a whole.”

Bamberg may not be alone.

Reporting live from a Sanders rally in Ames, Iowa, Ed Henry said that the Vermont senator last night drew more than 2,000 people to his campaign event in a small town of about 8,000.

One attendee even described how he’d driven about three hours just to see Sanders, said Henry.

“We’ve already had the Clintons here, and Bernie just sounds so much more genuine,” one voter told Fox News.

“I think Bernie represents more of what I want for this country, more than Hillary does,” another attendee said.

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