WATCH: Restaurant Workers Turn the Tables on Robber

VIDEO: Reporter Left Stunned on Live TV After Bank Robber Runs By

An armed robbery suspect is now dead after storming into a South Carolina barber shop to demand money, police say.

That man reportedly burst into the shop with another gunman on Friday night, forcing people at Next Up Barber and Beauty in Columbia to throw their hands up.

Reports say there were several customers inside at the time, including children.

That was when employee Elmurray Bookman and his customer leapt into action.

They distracted the suspects, saying that there was money on one of the chairs, and then shot them both.

One suspect was taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

The other gunman, despite being shot, managed to run away. Police were still searching for him at last report.

Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said that both men who shot at the suspected robbers had concealed weapons permits.

“I didn’t want anybody to get hurt. But it’s just the kids, the way they were crying and hollering,” Bookman told Fox 57.

“I felt like something had to be done. If we didn’t have our concealed weapon – if we didn’t have our weapon here – I don’t know what would have happened.”

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