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In a heart-pounding moment captured on camera, a scuba diver reaches out of his underwater cage to get closer to a great white shark.

According to reports, the above photograph was taken in Mexico by 47-year-old Dmitry Vasyanovich, from Russia. The divers have not yet been identified.

Daredevils on that trip had apparently gone down into the waters of Guadalupe Island – a popular area famed for diving with great whites – in hopes of having a close-up encounter.

Jaw-dropping photos show one of the swimmers holding out bait and even ducking his head and arms out of the cage as the shark looms closer.

Reports say the diver was trying to pat the great white on the nose. reported:

“At one point the shark knocks the cage as it attempts to grab the bait that is hanging precariously from the cage. The cage swings from side to side in the ocean.

But this does not deter the divers as it is then that one brave — or perhaps stupid — diver wedges his body between the bars of the cage so that he can attempt to touch the shark.”

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