Herridge Exclusive: Hillary's Emails Contained 'Crown Jewels of US Intelligence'

Top Google Search During Dem Debate Was 'Will Clinton Get Prosecuted?'

Judge Andrew Napolitano offered his response to Hillary Clinton's latest comments on the investigation into her private email server.

A top inspector general for the intelligence community revealed last week that several dozen emails on Clinton’s personal server were even more sensitive than those with the “top secret” classification.

Clinton’s personal server was said to have contained intelligence from the U.S.  Special Access Programs, also known as SAP.

Clinton maintained in a Sunday morning interview that she never sent or received anything "marked classified" and suggested again that the new information was leaked by Republicans.

"I cannot control what the Republicans leak and what they are contending, but I know what the facts are," she said, adding that she's confident that the issue "will be over and resolved at some point." 

Judge Napolitano said on America's Newsroom that Clinton is not handling the legal side of this very well. 

"The more she tries to act like there's no legal problem, the more she mocks the seriousness of what this is," said Napolitano. 

He emphasized that materials classified as SAP could potentially contain the most secret information imaginable, like the names of CIA moles, secret agents, and the existence of "black ops."

Napolitano said the FBI agents investigating the matter don't even have access to the codes necessary to view these materials. 

"There obviously are political motivations here. Because this is such a serious charge against her that many Democrats will flee from her in droves if the FBI recommends indictment," he said, adding that the FBI probe is "neutral and professional," not political. 

Watch the judge's full analysis above.

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