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One New York bride wouldn’t let this weekend’s historic blizzard get in the way of her big day.

While most of us huddled up indoors to get away from the storm, Ashley and Casey Burlage from Long Island were determined to go ahead with their big day.

Fox 5’s live report showed the beautiful bride heading to the church in her wedding gown and snow boots.

As dozens of guests followed from behind, a smiling Ashley led the way with her umbrella and hiked up her dress to protect it from snow.

Amazingly, more than a hundred of the 200 invited guests still made it out for the ceremony, with some even coming from out of state.

Ashley and Casey weren’t able to take their limo because of New York City’s strict travel ban, so they hopped on the subway.

“We partied with a lot of strangers, chanting ‘subway wedding,’ it was just a lot of fun,” Ashley said.

“Our pictures are going to be next level.”

Ashley herself was born in a snowstorm – and now, she has gotten married in one, the priest said.

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