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Instead of breaking up a "noisy" game of basketball, a Florida police officer decided to join right in. 

The video exploded with popularity last week and even drew the interest of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who went out to Gainesville to play with the kids and officers.

"We're going to let kids be kids. We are going to focus on the ones that commit crimes. #HoopsNotCrime," the Gainesville Police Department said in the original video, which has now been watched more than 15 million times.

Officer White was recently dispatched to a call of kids playing basketball "loudly" in the streets. In the evening. Having fun. Not committing crimes. Let's see how he handled it.

Posted by Gainesville Police Department on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Officer Bobby White joined Fox and Friends this morning to talk about the experience. He said he'd never punish kids for doing something harmless.

"I'm never going to tell kids at 5:00 in the afternoon that they're being too loud playing basketball in the street," he said. "That's what they're supposed to do. They're kids. They're supposed to be outside playing at that time."

White said that it's up to police departments to improve the perception young people have of officers.

"It's our job to change that. Nobody's going to change that perception that they have of us, but us. It's our responsibility. They're the future leaders of our country, and at the same time we need to make them understand we're here to help them. We're their friends, we're not the enemy."

He said that the effect wouldn't have been as great if he didn't take the extra step to play with them.

Watch the interview above.

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