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Today on MediaBuzz, Ted Cruz slammed the mainstream media, saying it's made up "almost without exception" of "partisan liberal Democrats."

That's why, he said, he's been working to build a grassroots campaign to "go around the media gatekeepers," like the New York Times, who he said has decided it wants Hillary Clinton to be elected.

Cruz said that the media's treatment of police officers is one example of its bias.

"If you have one police officer somewhere who does something he shouldn't have, the press will breathlessly report on this terrible, horrible police officer and all of the Democratic politicians will jump in and demonize and vilify the cops. Let me ask you something. How come the press doesn't tell stories of heroism? But the great news is, we don't live anymore in a world of three networks that have a stranglehold on information ... We've got the ability to go directly around and directly to the people."

Watch the full interview above.

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