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A group of Catholic high school students who became stranded on a Pennsylvania turnpike for 20 hours during the weekend's massive snowstorm made the most of a bad situation.

Forty-six students of Owensboro Catholic High School in Kentucky were returning from the March for Life pro-life demonstration in Washington when their bus got stuck Friday night.

They prayed, sang, and invited other stranded motorists onto their well-equipped bus, until the National Guard arrived Saturday afternoon.

Rev. Ken Geraci of the Owensboro Fathers of Mercy chapter shared a smartphone video that showed the students singing and cheering. They joined Fox and Friends Weekend today.

He said the experience provided an opportunity for the students to exercise their faith.

"We recognized that this was a pilgrimage," he said. "These kids were reaching out and praying for all these people around us, just asking for God to provide for those who didn't have any."

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