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Bill Hemmer pressed Jeb Bush this morning on his low poll numbers, asking why the "big Bush bounce" is not happening so far.

Bush remains in single-digits in Iowa and in national polls, though he has been gaining some ground in New Hampshire. 

The former Florida governor said the polls "are all over the map" and that he believes he has a winning message that "seems to be resonating little by little."

Bush, who just released a new ad featuring former First Lady Barbara Bush, was also asked when his brother, former President George W. Bush, will join him on the campaign trail.

He said he "expects" his brother to be on the campaign trail with him, but did not specify when that might happen. 

"There are people thinking about it and working on it," he said. 

On the National Review's denunciation of Donald Trump, Bush said it's important for voters to know that Trump is not a conservative. 

He called on Trump to defend why he supported the Clintons, along with anti-gun and pro-choice positions. 

Watch the full interview to hear more from Bush, and read his new op-ed on FoxNews.com on abortion.

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