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To celebrate their third year, Vine has selected their "most-looped" Vines of the past year.

The collection includes hilarious, cringeworthy and dramatic Vines, including ones that sparked some of the biggest trends of the year.

Without further ado...


8. who is she

7. Poor Jay

6. When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts…

5. When you don’t know the answers to a test.

4. This kid doesn’t miss his mom...

3. Lady Gaga scared Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. Duck Army

1. The Paris bombing Vine was the most-looped Vine of the past year by a huge margin.

Fox News talent have created some pretty great Vines of their own.

Like Dana Perino's showcasing her incredible dog Jasper...

...and some hilarious moments caught on Watters' World.

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