Tantaros: Here's the Counterpunch to Nat'l Review's Anti-Trump Attack

'Radical, Totalitarian Loons': O'Reilly Bashes Anti-Trump Group

With ten days until the Iowa caucuses, undecided Iowa voters are going with Donald Trump, and it's terrifying to the Republican establishment, Judge Jeanine Pirro said on "Hannity" tonight.

She explained that if Trump wins Iowa, "it's almost game over," and he will likely win the GOP presidential nomination.

As for the National Review's anti-Trump issue, Judge Jeanine said it smacks of the Republican establishment pushing back against its own party.

"It's almost like Obama saying, 'I know what's good for you,'" Judge Jeanine said. "Don't tell us what's good for us! We know what's good for us!"

"Here's the bottom line: The establishment is scared."

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