Leading Conservatives Unite to Stop Trump From Winning GOP Nomination

WATCH: Sarah Palin Endorses 'Next President' Donald Trump

Donald Trump has responded to a new National Review editorial that is questioning his credibility as a conservative and advising voters not to support his bid for the presidency.

“Trump’s political opinions have wobbled all over the lot,” stated the conservative magazine in an editorial titled “Against Trump.”

“He is not deserving of conservative support in the caucuses and primaries.”

The piece was followed by anti-Trump essays from 20 other prominent conservatives.

Editor Rich Lowry explained in a Kelly File exclusive last night that mainstream Republicans need to start standing up to the presidential front-runner.

“He has been on the other side on big, hot-button, defining issues like abortion, gun control, taxes and even immigration,” Lowry told Megyn Kelly.

It didn’t take long for Trump to respond, casting off the National Review as “a dead paper.”

“The National Review is a dying paper,” he told reporters. “I mean, people don’t even think about the National Review. So I guess they want to get a little publicity.”

But less than a year ago, Trump tweeted that it was “really important to save National Review from going out of business,” Garrett Tenney reported this morning on Fox and Friends First, even calling the publication "a true conservative voice.”

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