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A couple who is new to Florida got a house call one morning from an unofficial state rep.

That was the 8-foot-long crocodile that decided to greet them one morning from the steps of their swimming pool, America’s Newsroom reported.

The new homeowners had just moved from Pennsylvania a few days ago. Officials say they called the sheriff's department around 7:30 am.

According to wildlife officials who responded to their call, making the reptile move along didn’t actually require too much effort in the end.




“We didn’t have to capture it, we didn’t have to persuade it,” said Bobby Dube of the Florida Wildlife Commission.

“Crocodiles are a very shy animal, so once it was the center of attention and lost its concealment, it decided to go back into its natural habitat, which is the ocean.”

What would you do in that situation? Watch more, above.

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