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Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday defended President Obama’s executive order on gun control, arguing that it is in keeping with the Constitution and would in fact even strengthen America’s existing laws on firearms.

But Richard Shelby, the Republican Senator from Alabama who chairs the Senate panel that she addressed, didn't buy it.

He reacted this morning on America’s Newsroom, remarking that Lynch's statement came off “rather weak.”

“They – the president and the Attorney General – keep chipping away at the Second Amendment,” Sen. Shelby told Bill Hemmer. “That’s why I called the hearing.”

Shelby said that Lynch failed to “cite any sources that were meaningful,” instead choosing to project "her opinion.”

“Well, her opinion is that of the president,” he said.

“And the president’s idea is to chip away, to erode the rights of the people to bear arms under the Second Amendment.”

Shelby also rejected the argument that the executive actions would focus on people like convicted felons, declaring that “what they’re really going after, is they’re trying to erode the rights of the people of America under the Second Amendment.”

“Everything is gun control, gun control,” he said.

What, then, would Shelby propose instead? Watch more in the senator’s full interview, above.

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