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In her "Off the Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren called out Washington politicians and the Department of Defense for wasting taxpayer money.

Greta said that she's in favor of a strong military, and she appreciates the sacrifices our fighting men and women make, but she's also concerned about the military industrial complex.

She noted that a $500,000 gas station in Afghanistan ended up costing U.S. taxpayers $43 million.

"When a government spends that kind of money, and it can't tell you how it was spent or where or who got it or why, something is fishy. It's corruption," Greta stated.

She called for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to convene a grand jury.

"And if my suspicions are correct, get some indictments, show us the perp walks. Because I assure you, that will send a strong message to everyone else in government who might be considering stealing your money," Greta said.

"Washington has been the city of no consequences. It's time to make it the city of consequences."

Watch Greta's "Off the Record" commentary above.

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