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Here’s something you didn’t know about the Green Bay Packers’ Jordy Nelson.

The wide receiver shared an unusually crushing anecdote in his interview this week on Dan Le Batard’s radio show, revealing to fans that his wife Emily once actually called it quits with him back in middle school.

Here’s the story:

Nelson: I've known my wife my whole life. We grew up together, went to kindergarten together all the way through. We grew up three miles apart, which is not very far when you grew up out in the country in Kansas.

Le Batard: When did you become boyfriend and girlfriend?

Nelson: That would be end of freshman year of high school.

Le Batard: Oh, OK. I was under the impression she was your very first girlfriend. Sixth grade, I was told. I got bad information.

Nelson: Where are you getting this information? This is getting a little awkward now…

Well, yeah, we dated and then she dumped me, so …  Why I went back I don't know. I guess it's part of the story.

It was seventh grade. She had an incredible reason why -- it was the end of the school year and it was summertime, so apparently she didn't want to be around me. She didn't want to be tied down to one guy in seventh grade during the summer.

Congrats Jordy, looks like you managed to get the girl in the end.

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