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The latest developments in the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, prove "a terrible lack of leadership" in the city and state, Erin Brockovich said on "The Real Story" today.

Brockovich, a consumer advocate who helped blow the whistle on Flint's water issues, explained to Gretchen Carlson that the city was in bankruptcy. To save money, the appointed emergency city water manager made a change to the water system related to how the city drew its water.

"They knew for quite some time that this was causing all this corrosive lead to leech out, and it was being delivered to all the consumers," Brockovich said.

"It is a terrible lack of leadership," Brockovich stated. "They have created a horrific situation, and they impacted tens of thousands of children's lives and assured them not a promising future."

She added that the most egregious part of the whole situation is that officials told residents that discolored, obviously contaminated water was safe.

"You knew of a situation, and yet you continued to allow them to be in harm's way."

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