Trump & Cruz Clash Over Natural-Born Citizenship at GOP Debate

'Donald Is Dismayed': Cruz, Trump Exchange Fire Over Birther Claims

On "Hannity" tonight, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump spoke to Sean Hannity about a variety of topics, including the latest revelations in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"It's very serious stuff, and it seems like she's being protected by the president and the Democrats," Trump said.

He pointed out that Gen. David Petraeus was "destroyed" for a much lesser offense, while Clinton has yet to face any punishment for failing to secure highly classified intelligence.

"Her situation is a very grave situation," Trump said. "In one way, I'm upset, because I really want to run against her."

"I would love to run against her."

As for his promise that he would "blow up" the Iran nuclear agreement upon taking office, Trump said he will undo the damage that Obama's deal has caused.

Unfortunately, he said, it will be too late to recover the $150 billion of unfrozen assets that Iran received as part of the deal.

Trump pointed out that just today, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that some of that money will end up in the hands of terrorist groups.

"Why don't they have restrictions?" Trump asked. "First of all, why did they give them the money? But second of all, why didn't they have clauses that it couldn't go to terror?"

Watch the "Hannity" interview in the clips above and below.

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