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In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly reacted to the hysteria surrounding Donald Trump and new demands for the media to stop reporting on his presidential campaign.

O'Reilly pointed out that even though Trump is dominating the 2016 media coverage, a majority of that coverage is negative.

He said that's not enough for the Trump haters, however, and a new group called "Stop Hate Dump Trump" is trying to intimidate the media into ceasing its Trump coverage.

O'Reilly said the "Dump Trump" group is a bunch of "radical leftists" like Noam Chomsky, Jane Fonda and Michael Moore who believe they can say anything, attack anyone, smear their own country and it's all OK.

He explained that these "radical, totalitarian loons" are trying to shut down free expression and debate by using threats and smears.

"Trying to stifle news coverage of any political candidate runs against what the USA is all about," O'Reilly said.

"The radical left despises the openness the Constitution encourages. Why? Because it's much easier to control thought when dissenting voices are silenced."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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