Cruz Bashes Obama: 'The American President Is a Laughingstock'

Trump & Cruz Clash Over Natural-Born Citizenship at GOP Debate

'Donald Is Dismayed': Cruz, Trump Exchange Fire Over Birther Claims

On "Hannity" tonight, Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz reacted to the latest allegations against Hillary Clinton surrounding her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

He pointed out that Gen. David Petraeus was criminally prosecuted, and the Obama Pentagon is trying to strip him of one of his stars, for what appears to be "much, much less than what Hillary Clinton did."

"It really raises the suspicion that the Obama White House is behaving as it always does, putting politics ahead of the law and ahead of defending this nation's interests and national security," Cruz said.

As for the war of words between Cruz and his fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, the Texas senator said that Trump is "angry" and "rattled," and that's why he's been tossing out insults.

"I have no intention of responding in kind," Cruz said. "I don’t intend to insult him. In fact, I like Donald. I respect him."

Cruz added that he's not interested in getting into mud-slinging, so if Trump wants to engage in that, that's his choice.

"What I will be doing is keeping the race focused on issues and substance. I think that's what the voters expect. I think that's what they deserve."

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