WATCH: Sarah Palin Endorses 'Next President' Donald Trump

'She's a Terrific Person': Trump on His Big Endorsement From Palin

Is the Sarah Palin endorsement a game-changer in the Iowa race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

Andrea Tantaros and Guy Benson debated that question and Trump's conservative credentials on Outnumbered today.

The full-throated endorsement from Palin in Iowa came on the same day that Gov. Terry Branstad urged Iowans not to vote for Cruz because of his stance on ethanol, accusing him of being "heavily financed by Big Oil."

Benson said he thinks Trump is "sort of part of the establishment" and agrees with Cruz's questioning of whether Trump really is a conservative. 

But he said Palin's endorsement "inoculated" Trump against those attacks by Cruz. 

Tantaros called Palin's speech memorable, adding, "I couldn't take my eyes off the screen."

She said Branstad's specific call for voters to reject Cruz was "unprecedented" so close to Caucus Day. 

"Trump is not establishment. Not even a little bit. The argument that Trump is not a conservative, people know that, and for the first time, I've seen people not even care. The GOP base doesn't seem to mind this time around," she said, adding that Cruz's arguments aren't likely to hurt Trump. 

Watch the Outnumbered discussion above.

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