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A Penn State student amazingly survived a bout of extreme hypothermia after lying outside unconscious overnight in sub-zero temperatures.

Justin Smith, 26, appeared this week alongside the doctors who saved his life last February. 

Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal reported on the medical miracle on America's Newsroom, explaining that Smith's survival has changed way the medical community views cases of extreme hypothermia. 

Smith was walking home - to avoid drinking and driving - after being out with friends in Salisbury Township when it's believed he fell and hit his head along the way. 

His father found him the next morning lying face up in the snow. Smith said his son was frozen solid, with his eyes open, but was not breathing and had no pulse.

"I just kept praying to the Lord, 'Bring him back, just bring him back'," his father, Don Smith, recalled to the Allentown Morning Call newspaper.

Paramedics presumed that Smith was dead and called the local coroner. But an emergency room doctor, Gerald Coleman, urged paramedics to perform CPR, which they did for two hours. 

"Our mind is supposed to run the show, not our hearts. Because if your heart runs the show, you can run into some problems. I just kinda threw that to the wind and said, 'No, not today,'" Coleman said about the life-saving decision.

A helicopter then transported Smith to Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest with a machine that warmed and oxygenated his blood and pumped it back into his body. 

After 15 days in a coma, Smith woke up and has now made a full recovery.  

Smith lost his toes and his pinky fingers because of frostbite, but suffered no brain damage. 

Coleman believes the sub-zero temperatures actually preserved the brain and body. 

Watch the full report above.

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