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If you want to know who's going to be the next president of the United States, you're better off looking to bookmakers and bettors than the polls, John Stossel said on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight.

Stossel explained that pollsters only reach about 10 percent of people who will answer their phones, while oddsmakers are putting actual money on the line.

"Right now, the prediction markets are much better at predicting," Stossel said, noting that those markets are not legal in the U.S., but websites like are thriving in cities like London.

Stossel noted that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading in the presidential primary betting odds as well as the polls, but that is more coincidence than correlation.

"When the polls don't agree, I'll take the bettors anytime," Stossel said. "You want to bet against this? This is smarter than you."

Watch the clip above to see if Stossel and Bill O'Reilly agreed on a friendly wager for the 2016 election.

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