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On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the revelation that Hillary Clinton's private email server contained more highly classified intelligence than previously thought.

Gutfeld asserted that the Democratic presidential front-runner has broken at least two laws - the illegal storage of classified information and the illegal transmission of classified information - but the media hasn't focused on the investigation or Clinton's "collapsing" campaign.

He said the media is instead pushing the notion that it's rude to even suggest that Clinton committed a crime.

"She's just too big to fail," Gutfeld said, adding that it's time for the investigation to be over, one way or another. "Here's a suggestion: Indict her. Arrest her. Pardon her. Excuse her."

"I mean, what's worse: Hillary's treatment of emails or Bill's treatment of females?" Gutfeld remarked. "Hillary dismissed both and allowed for abuse of both, while lying and denying afterward."

"Emails and females - one served Hill, the other served Bill. Shouldn't that be the news? Or is it a snooze? It's something to ponder before swearing in President Clinton."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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