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Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight that's he's "shocked by the brazenness" of Hillary Clinton's most recent denial of wrongdoing in her ongoing private email server scandal.

In an interview with NPR, Clinton said the revelation that emails she sent contained the highest level of classified material "changes nothing" and is merely "another effort to inject this into the campaign."

"I'm just shocked by the brazenness of her denial," Krauthammer said, noting that the inspector general of the intelligence community confirmed that Clinton sent emails that were more highly classified than "top secret."

Krauthammer said this is reminiscent of Clinton's reaction to the beginning of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when she and her husband denied the truth, claiming it was all a vast ring-wing conspiracy.

"The go-to initial answer always is to brazenly say a lie - 'there was no relationship' - and then for her to come in and say this is just imagination ... or a malevolent conspiracy," Krauthammer said.

"She does it again in the face of an IG who clearly is not an agent of the Republicans."

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