Bristol Palin Slams Ted Cruz, Says Mom Should 'Endorse Trump'

Report: Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President

Sarah Palin’s endorsement today of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has turned into a one-two punch of sorts for Ted Cruz, experts say.

“What this is really all about is not so much Donald Trump, it’s about Ted Cruz,” senior national correspondent John Roberts reported live from Des Moines, Iowa.

Roberts pointed out that the endorsement came just hours after Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad publicly slammed Cruz, calling on voters not to support the Texas senator.

As for Palin, the former Alaska governor was a major supporter of Cruz in his 2012 Senate campaign.

But even before today’s Trump endorsement, Palin’s Twitter blast of her daughter Bristol’s blog post going after Cruz was a “tacit endorsement of an attack on Ted Cruz,” said Roberts.

“If she is joining up with the Trump campaign, she might not go after Ted Cruz herself, but she certainly will be part of the war that Donald Trump is waging against Ted Cruz,” he added.

Watch more of Roberts’ sharp analysis, above.

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