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A new civics survey highlights the fact that (somehow) almost 10 percent of college graduates think "Judge Judy" is on the Supreme Court bench. 

The ACTA report, entitled A Crisis in Civic Education, found that 13 percent of all respondents incorrectly selected daytime TV star Judy Sheindlin on the multiple-choice question.

The correct answer, Justice Elena Kagan, was picked by 61.6 percent of college grads and 44 percent of all those surveyed.

The survey also found a slew of other troubling answers. For instance almost half of college graduates and more than 60 percent of general respondents could not identify the term lengths for members of Congress. 

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How do Americans amend the Constitution? More than half of college graduates didn’t know. Almost 60% of college graduates failed to identify correctly a requirement for ratifying a constitutional amendment.

We live in a dangerous world—but almost 40% of college graduates didn’t know that Congress has the power to declare war.

Less than half of college graduates knew that presidential impeachments are tried before the U.S. Senate.

In its report, ACTA said that the answers paint a worrisome picture about the basic civics knowledge of younger Americans. 

Many of the figures may actually understate how poorly our colleges are doing because older respondents performed significantly better than younger ones. For example, 98.2% of college graduates over the age of 65 knew that the president cannot establish taxes—but only 73.8% of college graduates aged 25–34 answered correctly. Most college graduates over age 65 knew how to amend the Constitution—76.7% answered correctly. But among college graduates aged 25–34, less than a third chose the right answer, and over half answered that the president must ratify an amendment, failing to comprehend how the division of powers among coequal branches protects citizens’ rights.

Read the full report, here and check out Outnumbered's take above.

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