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One American family is still waiting for answers following the prisoner swap with Iran that secured the release of five Americans.

In a White House statement Sunday, President Obama touted the diplomacy that he said led to the release of five American prisoners in Iran and the implementation of a nuclear deal that he said will ensure that Iran never builds a bomb.

"This is a good day," the president said, "because once again we're seeing what's possible with strong American diplomacy."

But former FBI agent Bob Levinson's whereabouts remain unknown after he went missing on a small Iranian island in 2007.

Greta Van Susteren said when she heard the news of the prisoner swap, she immediately asked about whether there was any word on Levinson. She talked to Levinson's son, Daniel, and wife, Christine, on On the Record.

Proof-of-life footage of Levinson was received by the family in late 2010, Christine said, but they've never learned his location or who abducted him. 

Daniel Levinson said that at the time, Iranian media reported that Levinson was in the hands of "Iranian security forces."

He agreed with Greta that Iran knows where he is or what happened to him and called on the U.S. government to do more.

Christine said that she spoke to Secretary of State John Kerry last week, before the swap, and that he said they "would continue to work on Bob's case."

Greta pointed out that she's been on the case for years and pledged to stay on top of it until there's a resolution. 

On Fox and Friends Tuesday morning, Christine said that her husband was in Iran doing work for the CIA.

She said that the other Americans recently released were held in prisons and were allowed to talk to their family members.

Daniel said the family wants to meet with President Obama, Kerry, Susan Rice and others so they can ask what the next steps are in the process.

Watch the OTR interview above and the Fox and Friends sit-down below.

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