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Herman Cain joined Fox and Friends this morning to give his take on the race for 2016.

In a far-ranging interview, Cain weighed in on what he identifies as “the right problems” in America, the real reason he ran for president, and what he calls the “risk” of Republican infighting.

Cain also made a point to address “the Trump phenomenon” that’s been confounding and reviving voters alike.

With Donald Trump, “I’ll boil it down to three words: leadership, fighter, and winner,” he said. “That’s what people see.”

“What Trump is doing that the others may not be doing as well, is attracting non-traditional voters,” explained Cain.

He offered up a new trend recently discovered on his radio show. “I get callers who call up and say, ‘I am black, I’m female, and I’m going from Democrat to Trump,’” he said.

“They didn’t say they’re going from Democrat to Republican, they’re going from Democrat to Trump. I think that’s part of the phenomenon.”

Do you agree? Watch Cain's full remarks, above.

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