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This New Zealand man was stand-up paddle boarding one morning when he suddenly got a gentle nudge from a friend.

That friend, as it turned out, was a curious killer whale.

It apparently “checked him out for about 5 minutes and even had a nibble on his board,” 3 News reported.

Thankfully, Lukas Reilly was fine - and he even caught it all on camera.

He recounted the incident to local media, saying he’d paddled offshore that day to find a bunch of orcas diving for stingrays.

But never did he think one of the gentle giants would get so close.

GoPro video shows the whale making a beeline for his board as Reilly slowly paddles backward. “Hey!” he's heard calling out.

Reilly’s riveting encounter was featured this week in the GoPro Awards and shown on America’s Newsroom.

Watch the incredible exchange, above.

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