Trump Goes After Cruz: 'Everybody Hates Him, He Won't Get Any Deals Done'

Bristol Palin Slams Ted Cruz, Says Mom Should 'Endorse Trump'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump joined Bill O'Reilly tonight to sound off on a wide variety of topics, including the endorsement that he received earlier tonight from Sarah Palin.

"She's a terrific person," Trump said of the former GOP vice presidential candidate.

As for questions about his past donations to the Clinton Foundation, Trump said that was back when he was only a businessman.

"[That] was what I was, and I'm not now," Trump said. "I'm a politician, if you can believe it. I hate the term 'politician,' but I guess that's what I am."

He explained that as a businessman, it was his responsibility to get along with both Democrats and Republicans.

"I think the public understands that."

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