WATCH: Sarah Palin Endorses 'Next President' Donald Trump

'She's a Terrific Person': Trump on His Big Endorsement From Palin

Tonight on "The Kelly File," Brit Hume joined Megyn Kelly to react to Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump and how it affects Ted Cruz.

Hume explained that Cruz has a reputation as a "consistent conservative," while Trump's conservative credentials have often been questioned on the campaign trail.

"And now comes Sarah Palin, who, I think, retains the affections and loyalties of a certain number of American conservatives to vouch for him," Hume said. "That hurts Cruz. It hurts him particularly in Iowa."

"The whole effect of all of this is to blow up the Cruz game plan," Hume said.

Hume explained that Cruz's strategy was to coast in Trump's wake, wait for him to drop out and be in an excellent position to inherit Trump's supporters.

"His game plan for how to win this is wounded," Hume stated. "If he doesn't win Iowa - he's really not strong in New Hampshire - he's got a problem."

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