Ed Henry: Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Getting a Little Nervous

The 'Bad Lip Reading' of the Dem Debate Will Leave You in Stitches

A four-second video of Bernie Sanders giving Hillary Clinton a contemptuous look while she criticized him during last night's Democratic presidential debate is going viral.

At that moment, Clinton was in the middle of outlining the differences between her positions and those of the Vermont senator.

Sanders' eyes narrowed and he turned his head toward Clinton when she said Sanders had called President Obama "weak" and "disappointing."

The highly re-watchable moment was posted to Vine and has quickly racked up views in the millions.

Clinton was referring to a radio show interview in which Sanders said that “millions of Americans” were “deeply disappointed” in Obama and “cannot believe how weak he has been.”

Sanders responded in the debate that he supported President Obama's campaigns but said that politicians who receive large sums of money from Wall Street can't be trusted to reform it.

Watch Ed Henry's report on the debate below.

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