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Donald Trump delivered an address at Liberty University in Virginia this morning, criticizing the Obama administration's policy toward Iran. 

He called the nuclear agreement "one-sided" and argued that this weekend's prisoner swap with Iran - which freed five Americans from Iranian prisons - was also badly negotiated. 

Trump said Iran has a "lack of respect" for the United States, pointing out last week's detention of 10 American sailors. 

"I said this is one of the saddest things that I've seen, when those young people were on their hands and knees in a begging position, with their hands up and thugs behind them with guns. And then we talk like it's OK. It's not OK. It's lack of respect. ... We're not gonna let it happen to this country," he said.

He said the American prisoners should have been released years ago, explaining how he would've handled the negotiations and saying Secretary of State John Kerry "doesn't have a clue."

Watch part of the address above.

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