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On "Hannity" tonight, counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka said that President Obama's prisoner swap with Iran sends a message to bad actors around the world that you can get something meaningful in exchange for American hostages.

"We sent a very clear message that [Iran] - which is the greatest state-sponsor of terrorism for the last 30 years - has carte blanche," Gorka said.

He said that hundreds of Marines were killed in Beirut by an organization trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and many servicemen and women were maimed or killed in Iraq by IEDs created with the help of Iran.

"We've sent a message: Iran, you can get away with murder, literally," Gorka said.

He added that exchanging Americans who were unjustly imprisoned for their religious beliefs for documented Iranian spies and terrorists is not a fair deal.

"That is empowering the message of the theocratic regime of the mullahs," Gorka stated. "And they will draw the right conclusions: That we are no longer a leader and we are giving in to their message of terror."

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