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Tonight on "The Kelly File," Megyn Kelly was joined by Chris Stirewalt and Howard Kurtz to discuss what impact the new film "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" might have on the 2016 race.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has come under fire for denying that she told family members of Benghazi victims after the 2012 terror attack that it was sparked by an anti-Muslim video.

Those family members insist that the then-Secretary of State blamed the attack on the video in private conversations with them.

Stirewalt said the power of the movie is not that it's fact-finding or that it uncovers previously unreleased information, but that it corroborates evidence that was in the book on which it was based.

He added that the film will have a very wide audience made up of people who are not obsessed with politics or foreign policy, which gives them a predicate for the Benghazi debate when it is brought up on the campaign trail.

Kurtz added that the film has the ability to bring the Benghazi attack to life and show the human element in ways that traditional journalism cannot.

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