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In her "Off the Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren encouraged viewers to show gratitude to the Swiss for their role in the Iran prisoner swap.

"When the news hit that they were finally free, I was practically dancing on tables," Greta said. "But I wasn't alone. Everyone was tweeting about it."

She added, however, that in all the celebrating many, including herself, forgot to thank Switzerland.

"They helped us and for nothing in return," Greta said, noting that it was even a Swiss Air Force plane that picked up three of the Americans and carried them out of Iran's airspace to safety.

"I love Switzerland!" Greta said. "When we needed help, that nation said, 'Count us in.' Yes, Switzerland [is] our loyal friend.

She said Americans should do the right thing and show good manners and gratitude.

"Go tweet using hashtag #ThanksSwiss. Let's get that trending."

Watch more above.

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