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A Florida 911 dispatcher ignored an emergency call so that she could place a lunch order--that lasted eight minutes.

Fox and Friends Weekend played audio of Broward County dispatcher Frances Francois' call to Poppy's Pizza back in September.

While Francois was making the massive lunch order, multiple calls from an optometrist office's calls to the dispatch center went completely ignored.

As 911 call tones and visual alerts went off in the Sunrise dispatch center, Francois relayed a complex order of six pizza slices, a calzone, pasta fagioli — including a conversation about how to pronounce it — two tuna subs and a chicken philly, according to the recorded call.

No supervisor noticed.

Francois, who declined comment for this story, was given a written reprimand in December, sheriff's office records show.

The sheriff's office found that not only was Francois the only call-taker available at the time, but that four other call-takers were supposed to be on duty and could give "no plausible reason for their tardiness."

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