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Focus Group Picks Their Overwhelming Winner of Fox Business GOP Debate

Following last night's Fox Business GOP debate, Ted Cruz spoke to a focus group of South Carolina Republican voters about the event and what changes they hope the 2016 election brings.

The focus group described the current Congress as "do-nothing," "traitorous," "a big, embarrassing joke," "unprincipled" and "weak."

Cruz agreed with the participants that the GOP-controlled House and Senate have done nothing but fund President Obama's priorities, from ObamaCare to amnesty to the Iran nuclear agreement.

"It's nuts," Cruz said. "I promise you, as bad as you think it is, it's worse."

He said that from day one, what he's tried to do in the Senate is tell the truth and do what he's said he's going to do.

As for a potential Cruz-Hillary Clinton matchup in the general election, the focus group nearly unanimously voted that Cruz would emerge victorious.

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