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New video shows an adorable group of hungry bears chasing after a food delivery truck in India.

The scene is both heartwarming and surreal. But those nine mischievous animals are part of a wider network of rescued “dancing bears” that used to be traditional in India, according to the group that shared the footage online.

“It is an amazing sight to see these bears running excited and free towards some yummy treats! Long gone are their days spent at the end of a rope being forced to perform,” wrote the International Animal Rescue.

The practice of “dancing bears” – sloth bears captured from the wild that are beaten and forced to dance for audiences – was outlawed in 1972.

But it wasn’t until 2009 that the last so-called “performer,” Raju, was surrendered, says the IAR.

He now lives in the same sanctuary where the viral video was filmed.

The IAR hopes that by sharing images of these friendly guys, more people will be encouraged to help feed and care for them.

Learn more about the sanctuary, here.

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