'Hello, Is This Planet Earth?': Astronaut Dials Wrong Number From Space

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They saw it happening on a man’s first-ever spacewalk: a water bubble forming inside American astronaut Tim Kopra’s helmet, gradually expanding in thickness and in size.

That discovery was what caused NASA to cut short a spacewalk to the International Space Station on Friday, leaving officials on the ground anxious and afraid that it would soon turn dangerous.

Dramatic audio that played on Happening Now today reveals the moments Kopra first called it in.

"So far, I'm OK," he's heard stating calmly.

Kopra was on an outing with astronaut Tim Peake, who was representing the U.K. in its first-time spacewalk.

Thankfully, officials report that Kopra was not in danger throughout the intense ordeal.

But the scare comes just a few years after Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano experienced his own water bubble during a spacewalk in July 2013, filling up his helmet and nearly causing him to drown, according to the Associated Press.

“The fact that this water in the helmet during a spacewalk happened again is the biggest concern here for NASA,” Phil Keating reported from Miami.

“Because they had addressed this issue, and they really thought this problem had been fixed.”

Watch the full report, above.

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