This might be long winded. I apologize for that. We all have children in our lives in some way or another, I challenge...

Posted by MaryAnn Parisi on Monday, January 11, 2016

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A Connecticut mom has some strong words for the kids ganging up on her developmentally challenged son.

Her message? Be kind and respectful, because you never know what people have been through.

That reminder from MaryAnn Parisi has now gone viral, as she shared the emotional story of her 11-year-old son Michael online.

Michael was born more than three months premature and left by his biological mother when he was just 3 months old, she wrote.

“He spent the first 3 months of his life fighting to survive.

Walking was very delayed. He didn't have teeth till after his first birthday. He was so very behind.

But he loved. Oh how he loved.”

This week, Michael’s teacher called Parisi and told her that he was being bullied. Kids at school were kicking his chair and calling him “brace face,” “bucky beaver” and “stupid,” she wrote.

Despite that, “there is not one person he doesn't like/love, including those who tormented him today,” she wrote.

Parisi hopes to make a difference by helping the bullies understand why her son may be different from the rest of the kids at school.

"Even the best children have moments of insecurity and weakness," she wrote.

“Telling him to sit down and shut up is not the way. You don't have to like him, but you do have to respect him.”

Read more about this inspiring family's story, here.

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