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Tonight, "The Kelly File" fact-checked several claims that Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie made at the Fox Business GOP debate.

The fact-check found that Christie's claims that he never supported the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, never wrote a check to Planned Parenthood, never flip-flopped on an assault rifle ban and never supported Common Core educational standards were all false.

Christie joined Megyn Kelly tonight to respond.

Christie said that he never supported Sotomayor, he merely said she deserved an up-or-down vote.

Megyn pointed out that he specifically said, "I support her," and said the appointment was an inspiring moment for Latinos and all Americans.

Christie said it was indeed an inspiring success story, but it doesn't mean he would have appointed her or that he agrees with her views.

As for his alleged donation to Planned Parenthood, Christie explained that a quote of his was taken out of context. He said that he had asserted that organizations like Planned Parenthood should be supported by private donations, not public funds.

That quote, he said, was twisted to make it appear that he said he personally and financially supported Planned Parenthood.

Megyn asked him about proposing a statewide .50 caliber assault rifle ban as New Jersey governor, then later reversing course and vetoing that exact same bill.

Christie explained he was head of a commission who sent him recommendations on gun control, which he forwarded to the New Jersey legislature.

He said that the legislature then took the gun control measures too far and were talking of not just banning assault rifles, but confiscating legally owned weapons. That's why he decided to veto the bill.

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