HIGHLIGHTS: Trump & Cruz Clash Over Natural-Born Citizenship at GOP Debate

Who Won The Fox Business GOP Debates? Analysts React

On "The Kelly File," Charles Krauthammer and Megyn Kelly praised Donald Trump for defending "New York values" at the Fox Business GOP debate.

Ted Cruz has repeatedly tried to attack Trump by saying that he is the embodiment of a New Yorker. 

Trump responded tonight that what happened on 9/11 was a pretty strong example of New York values, too, adding what Cruz said was "insulting" to millions and millions of people.

Krauthammer pointed out that Cruz was "utterly speechless" after Trump's retort.

He said that the exchange was surprising not just because Cruz walked into a trap, but because Trump was "sober and serious."

"I thought that was the moment of the debate," Krauthammer said. "That was a moment where Trump clearly had won. Cruz, the main challenger, had lost. And that alters the calculus of the whole evening."

"Trump nailed that answer," Megyn agreed.

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